Crete 98    16.5. - 23.5. 98

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 You can make an easy trip to Crete by the nearest Travel agency but the best is to do it by your own. It is rather more for "backpacker" souls. We bought a flight ticket Prague-Hania-Prague from Fischer (approx. 550 DM). The rest was our independent programe. The weather in Hania was so so. Cold and clody. We took a taxi from airport to bus station together with another two backpackers (our group = 2). Departure of the bus was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. so we made a small siteseeng tour around old port promenade. Was nice and packed with tourists (suprising for that time of the year). But when you went out of the turistic places an "oriental" picture came (this is EU?). We are leaving Hania and heading up to mountains. With higher altitude the rain is denser and vegetation greener. On high plateau Askifou (750m) we are in heavy rainshower. We started to think about change of the plan and stay in bus until the coast (Hora Sfakion). Finally adventure won and we went out of the bus in Imbros during the rain. First steps goes to Taverna. We ordered Frapé - a greek ice coffe. It´s still raining and with umbrella support we are descending first gorge IMBROS. It is very exciting and very narrow. You can touch both sides by hands. After passing gorge we went to Hora Sfakion village. We started to taste greek vine in local taverna. In the meantime heavy rainshower started. Locals told us that they never remember such weather in that time of the year. Until showers finished we were a "good mood". We climbed up to hill in the middle of the village and camp on castle ruins.


 Morning view of the coast was magnificant. Air was full of pine aroma after heavy rains. Weather still not good, mountains are covered by clouds. We went by the old stone trade road through Inlingías gorge. It's drizzling but we're happy. It's much better to climb up without sun striking into your back. We went to Anópolis (650m) plateau. Flowers are blossoming everywhere. It's a right time. We are approaching famous bridge across the Aradena gorge. View down from the bridge was "cool". Great place for bungee jumping...

We climbed down to bottom of the gorge. Some parts are rather difficult. We have to make a little bit rock climbing (supported ropes available). Finally it was the most beautiful gorge on Crete which we ever visited (my opinion). In the lower part of the gorge we passed through "forest" of the blossoming rododendrons. Late afternoon we are on a coast.

We continued along the coastside. We are trying to go as far as dark goes down. In twighlight we are erecting tent and making fire + some swimming. Our tent was close to very nice church/chaptel.

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