Crete 98    16.5. - 23.5. 98

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 Morning we continued along the coast. It's surprisingly green, dense pine forests....

Around noon we're on estuary of the largest european gorge - SAMARIA. Place is highly turist developed. A lot of small hotels. Lunch on one of the tavernas was good and it's hard to persuade ourselves to climb up to 1220 metres. We are going against continue stream of the turists which are "floading" from higher parts of the gorge. It's horrible, ques are in the front of every small wooden "bridge". Samaria - never again. But just in the middle of gorge (after all turists gone) becommes really good and quiet.

We went through dense forest of the old pines, spruces and maples. The biggest surprise from the Crete. I thought that will be much less trees there. Last steep part was really tough. We met french pair which had similar "crazy" idea to climb Samaria up. They park a car on a mountain pass. It's raining and we went (by car) to taverna in Omalos (1060m) where together celebrating sucessful climb of the gorge. Outside it's raining, it's cold ... vine and metaxa tastes excellent ...

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