Tenerife - Pico  de Teide

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DAY 3,4

Panorama Teide

Pico de Teide is the third largest volcano on Earth (after Hawaian Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea) Elevation at the summit of the volcano is 12,185 feet (3,715 m). The most recent eruption was in 1909.

Montana Blanca
Steep ascent from the road in Montana Blanca

Volcanic eggs
Teide's eggs - strange rocks in the bottom of mountain

Refuge Atavista 3260m
Refugio de Altavista 3260m, we spent a night there

View of the Las Canadas depression from Refugio

Sunrise from the summit
Sunrise on summit (Grand Canaria island in front)

Teide's shadow
The shadow covers 70km far island La Palma

Gomera from the summit
Next island - Gomera was clearly visible

Viejo 2nd 3000m peak
3140m Viejo with nice crater 800m in diameter

Teide from the west
Rare view of Teide from Viejo

On a way down
Descend from Viejo through volcanic sand

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