Azerbaijan 2004

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The starting day of our next trip was July 15th 2004. We flew from Prague straight to Baku. Just before we embark to plane we took a beer (a very expensive one at the airport bar) for success of our "miniexpedition". The time schedule is very tough, so we all hope that no unexpected delays will came.

16.7. at 5:00 a.m. local time we are landing in Baku. Customs examination was O.K., we exchanged money there (1 Euro=6050Manat) and carry visa out. You can get them for 40USD upon arrival. One photo and filling of the form was necessary. We are taking taxi to the downtown(15 USD for a car). It was to early for the bus. In a half an hour we are sitting on the Caspian sea promenade and admiring sunrise. Baku is waking up to another day...

At first we're trying CANUB hotel (really socialist-style looking hotel) and than picking nice room on 10th floor (every floor has own prices !!) in Azerbaijan Hotel. We're paying 35USD for the room. It's even air condition there (noisy like truck), TV, fridge, WC and superb view of sea and town.

We're going to old town - UNESCO World Heritage. It is surrounded by well-preserved walls.


We're really surprised how nice is there - clean streets, nice shops and caffees, pedestrian zone, everyone is carrying mobile phone, ... It rather recalls old mediterranean town of France or Spain. We're sitting in a nice caffee and eat omellete, burgers and cup of coffee..


Finaly visiting famous Maiden Tower dated from 12th century with 5m thick wall. We met only a few turists (about 10 for a whole day)


We are circling aroung old town along the walls. Strange cupoles roof were cellings of old bath - hamah.


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