Lower Tatras  Prasiva, Velka Chochula

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From Hiadelsky pass trail steeply climbes to Prasiva mountain. It's hot and the mountain neverending .. A nice diversification are bilberries ... a tons of bilberries. Forest turns to scrub and carpets of bilberries. A nice refreshment after heavy climb.

We are conquering Prasiva summit 1651m with the fine view towards the main mountain ridge heading to Velka Chochula. It started to become windy and colder.

After cca 30 minutes we're on a summit at 1753m. We are hiding ourselves from the wind and taking snack.

The trail continue slightly downwards to Kosiarisko and to Skalky ridge.

We are spending a night among scurb close to the water spring. The weather getting worse. We are hearing thunders and see lighting from surrounding heavy clouds. Also we are a little bit worried about the bears which supposed to be there quite often. We are collecting food to the bags and placing them outside of our tents.

The sunset was fabulous ....

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