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 We decided to go to Morocco as an independent travelers. It is possible to go with travel agency but on your own is much more adventurous and interesting. Due to fact that we had only one week time planning of the whole trip was important. We bought a flight ticket Prague-Agadir-Prague by Fischer. It was big advantage to fly directly to Agadir which is close to places which we intended to visit. We saw High Atlas mountain ridge from the airplane. Unfortunatelly we recognized only a few very small snowfields. It is a pity, especially for taking photos.

Agadir is well situated close to mountains and desert. We rent a car on the airport (Renault 19 for 600DM/wek). It was more expensive decission (Fiat Panda was cheaper) but more comfortable and with bigger space for our rucksacks. After two hours we started our adventure from airport. In closer village we took fuel and "fuel" for us - bottled water. We planned to go as far as possible first day. Night we spent on mountain pass 1650 metres high. Two of us slept in a car, one outside.


 During the night was horribly cold (+1 degree) and we had dog visit. We woke up at 4:30 a.m. and found that we slept beside "fossilia shop". We are witnessing first sunrise on the Sahara desert.

 First stop was Ait Benhaddou - famous turist attraction. Kasbah where more than twenty movies were filmed. We were there early morning without turist crowds. Next part of the day we went though endless palmeries of the Draa valley.

Míjíme spoustu Kasbachů (sídla berberských vládců). Lush and green palmeries along the river are in a big contrast with deserted, stoney surrounding slopes.

We came to Zagora around noon. It is May 1st so we had opportunity to see "Labor day march". A little bit simillar what we had during comunistic rule in Czech republic.

Afternoon we went down to the south in direction to M Hamid. We visited also sand dunes area but according pictures from Merzuga it was nothing special. We spent night in camp La Montagne out of the town just in the footstep of the local "table" mountain.

Temptation is so high and we decided to climb that mountain. Some parts were really difficult and without climbing equipment a little bit risky. View from the top was magnificant.

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