Morocco 99    30.4. - 7.5. 99

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DAY 6,7

 We left hotel at 5 a.m. during the twighlight. In less than one hour we were in chaptel Sidi Chamharouch. The sun is rising and we again are whitnessing play of the light and shadow. First snow appeares at 3000 m elevation. On 8:30 we are on Neltner hut - 3207m.

After short break we went up through a big snowfield to Toubkal pass. Climb is without problems, path is available and snow is hard, weather is fine. It rather remins me High Tatra mountains in Slovakia then "hot Africa".

At 10:30 we reached summit - 4167m!! I was a little bit surprised how easy walk it was. After few minutes a group of french people comming and underneath summit triangle is packed. Radegast beer (from my home town) on a top was "cool" even for the french guys.

Together with Vojta we climbed to the next opposite 4000m high summit. It was good view to Toubkal masiv.

During way down heat starts to be really annoying, especially on snowfields. We made some sunbathing on Neltner hut. Way back was easy walk down.

Approx at 5 p.m. we are back to Omar. Evening we are celebrating our conquest. Also we ordered national food "kus-kus" but avoid that when you will be there....


 Next morning at 6 a.m. again we went to road. All our films were exposed so I dont have photos from last day. Road via Tizi Test pass was for real suicide makers. Our excitement rose when we found that petrol is finishing..... Finally everything was O.K. and afternoon we built our tent in Agadir camp site. Agadir is tourist town we bought souvenirs and vine. Evening we celebrated our successfull trip. Morning we left car on airport and via Tenerife flew to Prague.

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