Morocco 99    30.4. - 7.5. 99

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 Sunrise was fabulous. Shadows and sand was endless source of pictures.

For return way we selected a better road to Erfoud. The biggest surprise was GSM signal on desert! I was able to receive short messages with the latest sport and political news and of course to make phone calls. We heared later on, that Hillary Clinton visited dunes a few months ago. So transmitter station for mobile phones was installed "in the middle of desert". In Erfoud we cleaned up car from the sand (by water stream in petrol station) and heading up to west to High Atlas mountains.

What a surprise. Whole mountain ridge is covered by snow! In a meantime, when we were in desert, there were big snowfalls in mountains. Climbing up to Mt.Toubkal could be difficult at that time. But is may and snow is melting very fast. Road goes via dozens of small villages and we have to drive carefully because of childrens playing along the streets.

In noon time we made a small trip to Dades valley. It is worth to go there. The road is winding 25 km through narrow valley and lasts with narrow gorge. Everywhere you can see lush green fields in contrast with arid red colored surrounding rocks.

In the last part gorge narrows into few metres and pista goes up steeply on slope of the mountain. The river is rushing through cascades. A few hotels and camp site is there. Quite a nice place to spend evening there. Late afternoon we arrived to camp in Quarzazat. We found that whole centre of town is occupied by italian film team. By the way Morocco is a very popular place for film making (more about this topic will be later).

We bought a bottle of Moroccean vine. Very good. Up to now everything goes according our plans.

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