Lower Fatra     21.6.2001

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Just before Medzirozsutce pass the rocky summit of Maly Rozsutec appeared. It reminds me a table mountain in Venezuela. We're walking around Velký Rozsutec to Medziholie pass. It is a very nice trail going through old mountain forest. In this case it was even enhanced with a light fog creating athmosphere of mystery.

There are orchids on meadows - my favorite target for photos. Do you know that in the Czech and Slovak Republic is more than 50 spieces of orchidee? They look discreet but when you look more closer then you discover the real beauty at least the same as in their tropical colleagues.

The forest changed for meadows. Starting to rain and we have in a front of us Stoh mountain ...

We're comming to Medziholie pass where the weather is going to be bad with heavy rain.

Due to weather we are selecting "yellow trail" going around Stoh. But the path is full of mud and we're making the mud orgy.

Climb to Poludnový Grun later on is a real fight with nature. Heavy rain was combined with a very strong wind. Petra's raincoat is riped apart. The fight took 4 hours.

Completely wet we're comming to the hut "Pod Chlebom". It is full. Horrible weather locked a lot of turists there. We are eating soup + grog to warm ourselves. After one hour we are deciding to descent to the valley to catch train back to Moravia.

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