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25.11. The flight by Boeingem 757 from Adis Ababa via Nairobi to Kilimanjaro Airport was O.K. We saw fromthe airplane Rift valey lakes south of Adis, Kenya seems to look much more dry.
....... to be continued (the rest of the report is ready)

The food was excellent (Ethiopean Airlines). From Nairobi it was just 25 minutes "jump" to the Kilimanjaro airport. Kili was covered by clouds. Area around airport looks more like semidesert.

We arranged visa 20USD / 15 min and exchanged money on the airport 1USD=780 Shilings (no big difference against in town). We were waiting nearly three hours for our friend Judith which came for us by car. She is German, very friendly and help us to arrange everything. We have accomodation in Kindoroko hotel. Four bed room with shower cost 18000 Sh.

The evening we spend on the hotel roof terase bar with fine view to Kili and Meru. We took great dinner (2000 Sh) + Kilimanjaro beer (800 Sh).


26.11. Finally we slept as long as we could .... On the hotel we have unknown luxury - TV, fridge, phone, moskito nets, etc. On the morning Kili was clearly visible. There was a lot of new snow comming during the night(viz. see pictures above)!! But around 8 a.m. Kili starts to be hiden among the clouds again. The "Contimental breakfast" was included. We arranged all trek formalities. We payed "student price" 500 USD/os due to good relations of Judith with them + "tips" for 5-day trek, which is for crazy but unfortunatelly normal prices are even much higher! Around 600-700 USD. Americans and SA people are able to pay 1000-1500 USD ! The biggest part of the price were entrance fees to the NP. In our case it was 310 USD per person. We are three of us + swedish guy Roger (we met in Simien) + 6 porters + 2 guides. Whole "himalaya" expedition. To be honest, I dont like such kinds of "events".

We did some walk around the city. We bypassed hinduist shrine followed by moslim mosque.

We saw interesting "sandals" shop on the street which were made of used tires. That's real recyclation!

Next interesting think was smart bilboard for local beer "Kilimanjaro". Evening we spent again on a roof of the hotel in "Summit Baru". We were looking on Kili and Mt.Meru during the sunset and making toast for successful climb to the highest Africa mountain, of course with Kilimanjaro beer ...

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